Susan Long specializing in training Barrel Horses

Susan Long Trains and Sells Barrel Racing Horses.

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Training Barrel Racing Horses is a passion. "I train horses that all have a tremendous amount of speed, but also the desire to turn on their own "Honor". They can run fast and think at the same time."

Susan Trained this horse for Barrel, Pole Bending and Ranch RopingI start with the basics of body control from head to tail making both sides of the body the same. This allows even a less natural horse to perform a correct maneuver to the best of it's ability. It also reduces the risk of lameness by teaching the horse to use its body correctly instead of repetitively training the maneuver.

I was a professional barrel racer in theWomens Professional Rodeo Association Susan Davis and recently discoved ranch roping. I find ranch work is extremely beneficial for barrel horse to perform to their full potential for getting complete and equal body brokenness which helps barrel horses perform better in the arena.

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"Emmit A Great Barrel Horse.

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